Empty leg private jet – the cost of the plane depends on many factors

The cost of the plane depends on many factors. Starting from the brand, engine, amenities, to the quite obvious question – whether we decide on new or used equipment. The latter can be in really great condition and a bargain price. It is obvious, however, that this is still a large sum, which may be inadequate to the frequency of flights and empty leg private jet, and thus – unprofitable. What to do in this case?

The answer is simple – when we do not use the machine for our own needs, we can make it available for commercial purposes like empty leg private jet. This will allow you to reduce maintenance costs, and in many cases it is also a way to do business.

Does it pay off? Empty leg private jet yes!
It is estimated that owning an aircraft is profitable for the owner when he flies about 300 hours a year. Nevertheless, when we fly less often, we can also opt for this luxury good. The machine will always be at our disposal, and we can still earn money on it. Currently, on the aviation market you will find companies that offer comprehensive assistance in completing formalities related to the purchase of an aircraft, its maintenance, but also conducting commercial flights, e.g. Jet Story.